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Page history last edited by Richard Beach 8 years, 9 months ago

Welcome to the wiki resource site for the book, Literacy Tools in the Classroom: Teaching Through Critical Inquiry, Grades 5-12, by Richard Beach, Gerald Campano, Brian Edmiston, and Melissa Borgmann, Teachers College Press, 2010.



For links, sample activities/student work, and further related reading, go to specific chapters listed in the sidebar to the right.


To add activities or units:

  • Click on Log In on the upper right corner to apply for access as an Editor to be approved to add material from the wiki. 
  • Email Richard rbeach@umn.edu indicating that you’ve requested access indicating your educational or organization affiliation so that he can grant you access as an editor; requests for promotion of commercial products will not be approved.  
  • Go to a certain relevant chapter, and click on Activities and Units. Then, click on Edit.
  • On the right side, you’re see Images and Files. Click on that to upload a file.
  • Once the file is uploaded, click on where you want the file to be stored on the Activities and Units page.
  • Click on the file link over on the right and the file link will appear on the page. Then, down at the bottom, click on Save.
  • For editing instructions in the PBworks manual 
  • You can also email materials to Richard at rbeach@umn.edu


See also Richard's related wikis on Digital writingMedia literacyTeaching literatureIdentity-focused ELA TeachingApps for literacy learning, and the Common Core Standards






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